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Special Education Strategies

Tools for Individuals/Parents/Families

Whether you are an individual with Special Education Needs or a parent of a child with Special Education Needs, the challenges that accompany don't come with a 'How To' manual. Instead there is a plethora of information, recommendations, and advice on what and what not to do; and depending on the diagnosis and who your clinician is, even the interventions can vary.


Usually as a parent you are handed a report with a bunch of recommendations that MUST be implemented, but no one tells you how. How to continue to navigate all the other aspects of your life and still ensure your child is able to access their education, participate in extracurricular activities, socialize with peers, have their personal needs met, and learn how to manage their learning challenges. 

Here at Life Options, we can help you learn strategies that will make living with a lifelong diagnosis manageable. We can help you determine what interventions best work for you and how to ensure that others who work with you also understand what you need to be successful.

Individual Life Coaching

Assessment Recommendation Analysis

Creating a Learning Environment 

Educational Coaching

Developing Independent Daily Living Skills

Creating an Inclusive Community

Inclusion refers to the act of a person being involved in all aspects of their life, empowerment to make choices & decisions related to their life, and having access to the resources they need to live a life to their fullest. The unfortunate reality is that although this is ideally what we should be striving towards if we are to be truly an inclusive community, however, the reality is that we still have not become that society; we still have a long way to go.


LifeOptions can be a resource to persons with disabilities, care-givers, advocates, friends, employers, educators, or whoever may need guidance and resources which can help to make life more inclusive and accessible.


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