Dr. Shari G. Smith


Dr. Shari G. Smith

Psy.D. Clinical Psychology

M.A. Clinical Psychology

M.S. Adaptive Physical Education

M.A. Exceptional Childhood Education

B.S. Elementary Education 

Our lives are filled with all types of d

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Sunrise Adult Training Centre

Hi, I'm Dr. Shari Smith, thank you for taking time to find out more about LifeOptions. For over 30 years, I have worked in the education field here in the Cayman Islands in the public system. As a trained special education teacher, I had the pleasure to be a part of the Lighthouse School's teacher and administration staff. As a class teacher, I began my teaching career in 1994, which lasted for 13 years, during which I held the position of classroom teacher, Physical Education coordinator, Deputy Principal and in 2003, the position of Principal. Working with persons with disabilities and special education needs has been my passion since graduating from high school. In 1988, I began working at the Lighthouse school as a teacher's aide, and to simply put it, "I was hooked". This passion has fueled my commitment to advocate for the the vulnerable and differently abled. My career path has allowed me the honor of being a part of many monumental events, including the drafting and passing of "The Disability (Solomon Webster) Law, 2016" and not to mention several International Special Olympics World Summer Game Competitions as a member of the delegation, and working with the awesome clients and staff of the Sunrise Adult Training Centre. 


In 2006, I was blessed to be in a position to take a short sabbatical which allowed me to explore the next transition in my life and professional career, which lead to pursuing a Doctorate in clinical psychology. During that year I grew in so many amazing ways; in my faith, in my understanding of the mind-body-soul connection, and in my appreciation of what it means to "Be Still" have all been the underlying driving forces in pursuing this dream. My years as an educator, where working with parents and seeing their cry for someone to just listen and hear their frustrations along with trying to bridge the gap between the student and the psychological assessment which seemed to always miss the link of culture and environment in the presentation of behaviors. Therefore, I made the decision to relocate my family overseas, while I pursued my degree. I am the proud mother, of two very unique young people, who have been so understanding and supportive, of my choices as a single mother in pursuing my passion and dream. I am so thankful that I was blessed with them both, because they have been my #1 fans and loudest sound boards. Completing my doctorate has given me the tools to better understand the growing complications within our community which individuals are facing not just in education but in many aspects of their lives. My passion for people and country motivate me to continue to learn and grow so I may be of service to others and my country. My experience spans working with children to adults, both those with and without disabilities. My hope it to help others find their inner strength to feel empowered to meet their challenges and aim for success. 

I believe in a wholistic approach when working with clients. My style of work appreciates the connection between the body, mind, spirit and soul and how they are all key in learning how to manage the many challenges of Life and the numerous options and choices one can be faced with. I hope to bring an appreciation for one's faith and importance of mindfulness when working with clients. I believe that life is a continual journey of lessons which build on one another. I hope that I will have a chance to work with you and help you fit the pieces of your Life puzzle together. Whether you chose to reach out and explore how I can help you navigate the challenges you face, I implore you to hold on to these last words, " You are Enough, You are Wonderfully Made and You are Amazing. Let nothing or no one hold you from chasing your dream."