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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is mental health awareness month. Take time to lean more to better help yourself or others. Asking for help is not a weakness. Mental health illness is real, our children are affected and they need support and proper care, they do not need to ignored or shamed. It's not a phase, it is an illness. If you or someone you loved was diagnosed with a medical illness you would likely not hesitate to seek help. Mental illness need to be taken just as serious. Open the conversation, show you are willing to listen and help seek help. Together we/you can break the barriers and erase the stigma.



Local Resources in the Cayman Islands:

The Mental Health Helpline (Mon-Fri, 9-5pm). 1-800-534-6463

The Kid's Helpline (Mon-Fri, 10-6pm) 649-5437

Life Options 345-940-5433

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