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Looking Back to Plan Purposefully

There is a tradition for New Year that most people set a to do list for the incoming year - “New Year Resolutions”; usually these are things they didn’t accomplish in the previous, something to check off their bucket list, regardless of what it is, setting these goals are a hope for change in the future to come. Nothing wrong with that, it’s actually a good idea, however the unfortunate truth is that many of those goals are never accomplished, completed or even started. I myself am guilty of doing such, “this year I’m going to join the gym and exercise to lose weight”, “this year I’m going eat healthier”, “this year I’m going to train for 5k walk”. Yup said and set all those, and yup didn’t or haven’t accomplished any. Well I have joined the gym enough times to probably be a lifetime member; usually I start off good by going a few days and then sure enough, something happens that knocks me off the schedule and time gets longer and longer between sessions, and before it the year is gone, and I’ve probably gone a total of 2-3 times to the gym. But I haven’t lost hope in “New Year Resolutions;” what I have found is that I need to understand why I wasn’t successful in the first place, so I can make a realistic plan to really achieve whatever my goal is. So for me joining a gym, to go by myself to use some machine for 30-40 min isn’t something I enjoy. When I think about what motivated me in the past to exercise, it was usually an activity that involved other people. I played team sports, I engaged in exercise that was constantly changing and moving. Now realistically, it isn’t likely that I will be going out to join a football team, but I can join a swim or walking group. I can choose to make it a deliberant point to be active and get moving even if it starts with once a week. That is something that is realistic to my schedule and lifestyle. And I know that it has worked before.

So why am I sharing these thoughts with you, well I guess it’s with a hope that maybe you will connect with something I share and maybe look back and see how you too can plan purposefully for 2022.

Prior to COVID-19, we marked life by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, now our marker seems to be 2020, the year COVID kicked us totally off our feet changing our world and our lives forever. For me, 2020 allowed me to slow down, BE STILL and work on ME. It allowed me to take time to be honest on what I needed to achieve and work towards and make that plan to get it done. So I started online coaching, launched Life Options promoting mindfulness and mental health wellness in the new world of ZOOM. It allowed me to identify how to complete the needed clinical hours requirements to be licensed as a clinical psychologist (3 yr process). So when 2021 rolled around, was I surprised that life decided to throw a few curve balls at me, which included more medical issues that impacted my plan, nope I wasn’t. But thankfully because I planned with a purpose, I was still able to accomplish what I had set out to do in 2021 – Principal List/CPAM licensed. Being able to finally check that box which I started way back in 2006, to not have another hoop to jump through (though I’m sure there are still a few), the path that was laid out and travelled has now brought me to the next fork in the road. I’m thankful, thankful that I can say I didn’t give up, which trust me, seemed like the best option ever on some days. That I actually did what I tell all my clients, invest in yourself – carving out time for meditation, restorative yoga (Thank you Tracy @ Alchemy Living Yoga), working with a Freedom Lifestyle Coach (Kalila Bodden) to purposely map out my plan.

So as 2022 approaches and I take a look back on the last two years, I can honestly and happily say, Bring on 2022, cause I survived everything 2020-2021 threw at me and I’m still moving forward. As for New Year’s Resolutions – mine will be to continue to invest in myself, to be compassionate to myself whether that means eating healthier, exercising, moving more or just Being Still and definitely help more people through our new therapeutic counseling services at Life Options.

Happy New Year Everyone – See you 2022.

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