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Holding on to HOPE

Hope is described by some researchers as a passionate expectation that a future positive event will materialize. Oxford dictionary defines “hope” as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. What we know is that “hope” is not technically an emotion – although many may think it is. We do know that it is linked to feelings such as happiness, resilience, and a more positive physical and psychological well-being. In a placebo test, when a patient believes that a drug is going to help them even though they are being given a placebo; healing occurs. The POWER of HOPE and Positive Thinking should not be underestimated. The placebo effect alone supports why you should surround yourself with positive people, who spread hope and optimism – Hope is contagious.

So, in this new world we have to navigate with COVID, where does Hope fit in? It isn’t unusual for feelings of worry and fear to seemingly become overwhelming, especially as communities and countries open more and more and “normal” activities resume. Here in Cayman, schools are reopening, there is a lift on the wearing of masks and social distancing, more offices will likely get back to business and of course the enviable opening of borders to occur in the coming months. Hope plays a very crucial role in how we adjust to this new world.

Holding on to Hope allows us to bring a positive outlook into our presence. Having Hope allows for us to cope with the mixture of emotions that come with getting back to “normal” in a more manageable dosage. Hope allows for you to keep things in perspective in comparison to the big picture. It isn’t as easy as we would like though, our mind and thoughts can easily take over, forcing focus to be more on the negative and overwhelming than the positive possibilities. We are HUMAN, so that’s expected, but if you include a daily practice of bringing Hope and reminding your MIND and HEART of that wonderful Positive Possibility, the less those distracting thoughts will take over. By committing to a positive practice that fits with your belief system, such as prayer, positive affirmations, guided meditations, walks outside appreciating nature, it allows a physical and active reminder of HOPE; that there is something more than the chaos, uncertainty, and impending what if gloom. By inviting HOPE into your present space, you are creating the possibility for that positive outcome. And I don’t know about you, but after the last 6 months, I am definitely willing to bring any semblance of positivity into my space and this world. So, Hold on to HOPE – Don’t let go – Grab Hold and Embrace the positive possibilities.

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