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Cultural Well Being Webinar

Is this your first year in University or at Boarding School, or are you a seasoned student in your 2nd or 3rd year, regardless of where you are on your educational journey; we all experience "culture shock" and the emotions that accompany it at some time in our lives. 2020 brought a new way of living and for those who had to travel outside of our protective bubble in the Cayman Islands, the world you have returned to is much different than the one you knew in 2019 and before. So it isn't surprising that we have all experienced some form of culture shock - having to wear masks when traveling outside of our homes, curfews, lockdowns, restrictions and for those who had to return to the outside world, those new limits have become a new normal. Therefore it isn't surprising that the levels of stress, anxiety, depression, fear, and compulsive behaviors have reach a big - that more and more persons are experiencing emotional overload.

This Wednesday, Jan. 27th @10am (EST), I have the pleasure of presenting in a collaborative webinar on Culture Shock & Managing Anxiety sponsored by Cayman Connections in partnership with The Alex Panton Foundation. If you have a young person overseas or you're a student overseas, you'll want to join into this webinar to learn more about Culture Shock and how to manage the emotions that can come along with the experience. Register for the webinar at 😊

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