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Breathing: Anchoring the Wandering Mind

Thankful for the opportunity to share with fellow civil servants how to use the "breath" as an anchor for the wandering mind. We all have busy lives and careers. We are quickly approaching the business of Christmas and with the rising positive cases COVID-19 in the community, anxiousness of how we will be able to celebrate the holidays adds to the many things swirling around in our minds. Have you ever tried to just sit quietly and as soon as you start, it seems like the flood gates of thoughts and a your to-do lists flies wide open and quietness and relaxation flies out with it. Yes I'm sure we have all had those moments. Well allow me to share a quick and simple tip on how to help calm that wandering mind - just breathe. Yes, just breathe. Following your breath, focusing on your breath creates moments of calmness and peace, yes you will still have thoughts, but focusing on the breath helps the mind to slow those thoughts and allow for you to be focused on the present moment. I hope you will take a few minutes to learn how you can use the breath to create some BE STILL moments in your daily routine.

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