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Reflecting on this Cayman Thanksgiving


Today as we gather to celebrate Cayman Thanksgiving, the safe passage through another Hurricane Season, continuing to progress through the Pandemic as we open our borders and welcome visitors back, it is a time not just for celebrating, but for reflection on all that we are thankful for. For me, today was more of quiet reflection, no bountiful cooking, no gathering of friends and family, but a day that was restful, quiet and filled with good and sad memories. So as my act of Thankfulness I have compiled a list of my top five things I'm thankful for. It is likely that something or someone may be missed, but know that if you have been a part of my life journey whether for a moment, a season or lifetime, I am thankful for it all, for it has made me who I am today and who I continue to become and where I am on this journey we call life.

  1. Family - my father who instilled in me the love for others and country, he was my rock. My mother who taught me to always stand tall no matter what is crashing around or obstacle you face. My sisters (Jodi & Georgette) who allowed me to always be the protective big sister. My children who are my rocks, who have been by my side always and continue to encourage me in my dreams. My Aunt Patsy for teaching me it's okay to be a little crazy and loud. I am thankful for everyone, every moment, and every lesson as a family we have. My family also includes my dogs of course, each one has and is a special part of my heart, from my sleeping MIMI & Frank, to lively Gandolf, Lucas & Cupcake who now keep me busy and company.

  2. My Faith - my faith has grounded me from an early age. I have always felt the presence of God in my life, I have never doubted the strength I gain through this relationship and the patience with me when I may not listen. I continue to grow in my faith, understanding that the foundation allows me to appreciate and care for all humanity, to live by the Golden Rule and most of all to "BE STILL".

  3. My Girls - These are my life long ladies - each entering my life at a different time in my life, but always establishing a bond that no matter how long it is between visits, we are always there for each other when needed and when we gather it's not like we've ever been apart.

  4. Love & Pain - To live it means you have to take a risk, a chance on placing your trust in someone else. You trust them to care for your heart as much as you do theirs. The risk is that it may not always be equal or reciprocated in the same way you hope and wished for. But I am thankful for each one that has had a chapter in my story, for it allowed me to understand and know who and what I am all about, and more so my most precious gifts - my children. But know that despite the loss and pain that comes with that risk, I have not given up on love, and thankful that my present chapter is filled with so much of it.

  5. My Dreams - my passion of helping those who hurt, to help empower others in living their own dreams, to help put the pieces of the puzzle we call life together, to advocate for those whose voices are silenced, those who live their life differently and courageously regardless of the challenge. Life Options brings this dream to life and gives me the place to share my passion and love for people. I am thankful that 2020 gave me the opportunity to step out and begin living that dream.

I hope for each person who reads this post, that you too will reflect on what you have to be thankful for as we enter into the Christmas Season. It is so easy to become wrapped up in the business of the holidays, that we forget the true gift of the season - the gift of Love. Love for others, love and hope received through faith. In the Christian faith, that gift is the love and hope with the birth of the Christ Child. Regardless, of your faith or beliefs, I wish that you will experience Love throughout the Holidays and Hope for the New Year to come.


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