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May Mindful Moments Challenge

Welcome to the May Mindful Moments Challenge.

We all experience stress and exhaustion and it isn't unusual for us to make others a priority, at the cost of sometimes neglecting ourselves. So for the month of May, I'd like to invite you to join me for 5 minutes each day for some Shelf-Compassion and a few moments for yourself. Create a mindful moment, to just relax, breathe and exhale. So how will this work, well each day I will post a mindful moment thought for the day on the Facebook & Instagram pages, for you to reflect on during a moment of stillness.

So when you are ready, get settled in your seat, ensure you are comfortable and free from distractions for the next few minutes. Begin by taking 5 easy breaths, inhaling through your nose, feeling the air coming in and up your airway, then exhaling naturally, as you reach the 4th & 5th breath you can try extending the exhale slowly if comfortable. Now reflect on the Mindful Moment thought for the day. Allowing whatever comes to mind to be, no judgement, yes allowing your thoughts to flow, paying attention to what comes to mind, how it makes you feel, are there any other thoughts, feelings or emotions coming up. Just sit, breathe, BE STILL and be in the moment, giving yourself the gift of time and compassion. Be with the moment and thoughts for as long as you can, and when you are ready, take 5 easy breaths again and return to your day, more relaxed, confident and less stressed.

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